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Cincinnati Music Festival Tickets & Accommodations

Thursday July 26th, Friday July 27th, & Saturday July 28th, 2018

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It's that time again.  Tickets Are On Sale Now!
Without a doubt, July is our favorite month of the year.  Our team spends all year waiting and preparing for the time when we begin our festival season.  Starting with our website launch for The 2018 Cincinnati Music Festival beginning Sunday February 11th and concluding Saturday, July 29th with the festival, this is truly a joyous time of year when we have the pleasure of attending three amazing nights of music with our very loyal and wonderful patrons.

​​Attend the Cincinnati Music Festival just once, and you will realize you are embarking on a musical experience like no other. Over twenty thousand like-minded people gathered like a huge family for one purpose - to enjoy the greatest music ever created! Through the years, thousands of music lovers have fallen in love with The Cincinnati Music Festival.

An Exciting Lineup is in Place. 
With the world of music being so diverse, setting the lineup for The 2018 Cincinnati Music Festival can be both difficult and exciting. The promoter’s goal each year is to provide patrons with an exciting, fresh experience while at the same time maintaining a certain amount of stability each year. The result is a lineup filled with both new faces and old favorites. They have already landed some amazing talent for The 2018 Cincinnati Music Festival, with many more acts to follow. Check out the artists they have already lined up:  Charlie Wilson, Jill Scott, Xscap3, Fantasia, Keith Sweat, Boyz II Men, Common, The Roots, The O'Jays, After 7, Bootsy Collins, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and MC Lyte.  

Join us for The 2018 Cincinnati Music Festival 
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